Crane Launches FitPick™ Branded Merchant Media Machine To Complement New FitPick™ Program

April 10, 2014

In conjunction with the NAMA re-launch of its FitPick™ brand, Crane Merchandising Systems is pleased to introduce a NAMA-approved FitPick™ Merchant Media machine. To help operators address the growing demands of end locations and the various strategic issues they face regarding smarter snack choices, Crane is offering its FitPick™ Media machine as a free configuration for the industry. The Media platform enables operators to provide the FitPick™ program benefits in a way that meets the health-conscious demands of end location management, and better engages consumers on “Better for You Snack Choices.”

Every visible aspect of the Merchant Media FitPick™ machine has been beautifully designed with NAMA-approved FitPick™ graphics that are highly recognizable and will resonate with consumers, according to the release. Even the consumer-friendly 7-inch touchscreen features FitPick™ branded graphics and a transaction experience that encourages “Better for You Snack Choices.” Consumers can be engaged with product promotions, while operators can drive sales with in-purchase advertisements. Additionally, the machine can be programmed to delight consumers with rewards for making a FitPick™ choice. To assist operators in selling FitPick™ Media machines, a marketing kit will be made available in the coming months.

"NAMA is excited to have engagement and leadership from suppliers including Crane to make FitPick™ nutrition information, tools and brand even more accessible to operators and consumers alike. Collaborations like these are a win-win for the industry since we all benefit when consumers have the information they need to make informed snack choices," said Roni Moore, VP marketing and communications, NAMA, in a prepared statement.

“Crane has been in the vending industry since 1926, and we are committed to providing solutions that meet the changing needs of consumers,” said Kirn Reis, vice president responsible for the Media line at Crane Merchandising Systems. “Locations are demanding healthier snack choices, and we recognize a solution is required for the viability of our industry. Our FitPick™ initiative can meet this demand for the operator while providing an engaging vending experience for the consumer.”

The FitPick™ Media machine will be available for sale starting immediately following the 2014 NAMA One Show. It will be on display at the Crane Merchandising Systems booth no. 601 and attendees can also gain more information about FitPick™ at the NAMA booth no. 747.


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