NAMA's Media Focus Delivers Results For Members

Jan. 24, 2014
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NAMA’s team is taking the industry’s key messages regarding calorie disclosure and the nickel redesign straight to the public and decision makers through social and general media channels.

Led by Eric Dell, NAMA’s senior vice president of government affairs, and Roni Moore, NAMA’s vice president of marketing and communications, the campaign is designed to enhance NAMA’s voice on issues most significant to the industry.  

“We are making great strides spreading our message loud and clear on behalf of our members.  The first success of the year was the placement of NAMA CEO Carla Balakgie on Fox Business Television. Carla’s message helped inject power into our work of communicating the potential cost of compliance for calorie disclosure on small business vending operators,” said Dell in a prepared statement.

“The ongoing debate regarding the nickel redesign is a great opportunity for us to inform lawmakers and other influencers of the significant cost to the vending industry. It also provides the opportunity to showcase our positive working relationship with the U.S. Mint which has been active for many years,” he continued.

“From a media perspective, we will continue to repeat and amplify our messages across all channels, including a ramped up Facebook and Twitter presence. We ask that our members join in this effort through “liking” us on Facebook and retweeting our messages to their followers,” said Moore.

“Building the image of the vending and refreshment services industry and increasing awareness of important issues is a strategic charge NAMA has been leading for many years. This recent campaign is an extension of that effort,” she continued.

Visit NAMA’s Website to view recent media placements: Fox Business Network, Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine and NPR.


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