Absolute Vending Announces It Carries LAUSD Approved Snacks

AbsoluteVending.net announced it now carries and stocks Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) approved snacks and beverages for vending machines.

Absolute Vending provides schools in the Los Angeles, Calif. area with foods to help children stay healthy, helping fight childhood obesity, according to the release. An Absolute Vending spokesperson said in a prepared statement, "Unhealthy foods undermine children's diets, often contributing to lifelong health problems. With foods such as bagel bars, frozen yogurts and organic dried apple chips, children are being set up for success with vending machines in San Fernando Valley schools."

With a variety of machines to choose from, the spokesperson for the company said it has a number of machines to fit any location or need. "Whether you want beverage only units that will consistently keep your products cold, never failing to dispense your products or you're looking for combo machines which will dispense both drinks and snacks, we have state-of-the-art units available for placement in your schools or by your sidelines," the spokesperson continued.

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