2013 OneShow inspired commitment and optimism

May 1, 2013
At the 2013 NAMA OneShow, operators were ready to make changes for a more profitably future.

It’s time to buy. That was the buzz in the air at the 2013 NAMA OneShow Apr. 24 to 26 in Las Vegas, Nev. Attendees mingled, networked and learned or educated. The Wednesday micro market session alone filled a room for 600. Operator attendees were ready to learn and ready to make decisions. The technology that was considered new five years ago has been proven. Operators have read the research and seen the case studies. This year, they were shopping for specific equipment like telemetry units or micro markets and they were ready to make the commitment.

It’s a great turning point for the industry, after the difficulty of the recession and hesitant growth since then. This is a point of no return where technology will be a valuable part of vending. It might be used to better engage customers or protect electronic assets from power irregularities. Either way, this year the industry is changing, and there’s optimism with each step forward.