Bob Tullio Releases New Video on B2B Perspective YouTube Channel: After You Pivot, Watch Your Step!

Sept. 9, 2020

Automatic Merchandiser/ Contributing Editor Bob Tullio has just released a new video on his b2b Perspective YouTube Channel, “After you pivot, watch your step!”

“You pivoted to survive. You made some essential moves," Tullio says. "Did you go too far? For those in the B2B world, there is a barrage of business opportunity coming your way due to pent up demand. Will you be ready? Will you be staffed? Will you have inventory? Now it is time to prepare for what is coming next ...”


Bob Tullio
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Bob Tullio Releases New Video on b2b Perspective YouTube Channel: Why Are We Speaking in Codes?

Aug. 26, 2020
Automatic Merchandiser/ Contributing Editor Bob Tullio has just released a new video on his b2b Perspective You Tube Channel, “Why are we speaking in codes...
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Bob Tullio Releases New b2b Perspective Video: How to Feel Better About Your Business

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Bob Tullio
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