A Movie Trailer To Help You Tell Your Marketing Story

Dec. 8, 2016

This past weekend I took my kids to a movie at our local Marcus movie theater. During the pre-movie advertising for $25 popcorn buckets and warnings about silencing your cell phone, Greg Marcus, the President and CEO of The Marcus Corporation came on screen sitting in a movie theater seat. He talked about being a third generation company, in the context of movie sequels, loving movies and giving back with the United Way. Then the shot widened to show his father, also there and eating popcorn. It was heart warming. And then it occurred to me this was marketing tailored to exactly what all the research is saying Millennials appreciate.   

How it fits the profile  

First, Millennials dislike big business, it's impersonal. They prefer boutiques and individualized experiences. Marcus is a big corporation, it can't change that, but it can create a more personalized experience. Having the CEO there, talking about his personal likes and dislikes made it feel more personal. People respond to people. Plus, he called Marcus a family company. Another plus. And lastly, bringing in his father was a surprise that supported the family business claim.   

Millennials also like transparency. They want businesses to give back, donate, help the community, stand for something (other than making profits). No problem. Marcus brought up the United Way, talking about its mission and aligning Marcus with that altruistic organization. He encouraged customers to give.   

Repurposing it  

My favorite part of it was how simple it was. It gave a human element to a corporate brand name. And all it included was a face on camera mixed in with some shots of the United Way in action. Simple. This is an idea each vending operator could try. Don't go into a movie theater, but try to convey the founding principles of your company by the place you choose the interview. Talk about those principles, and how you help the community. Keep everything short and sweet. Video is becoming increasingly popular, so this is a great chance to present something trendy in your online marketing.   

While there may be lots of challenges with meeting the needs of Millennials, their preferences for small businesses with a story to tell isn't one of them. The vending industry is built on many of these small and medium sized companies started and passed down through generations. They are community organizations that employ local people and participate in events. It's a perfect fit for what the  Millennials desire, a much easier sell than national brands have. Share your story and enjoy the rewards.  

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