Nominate Your Route Driver To Maintain Excellent Service

Feb. 13, 2014

Positive reinforcement. It’s more than the answer to a Psychology 101 exam. It is the driving force behind many of the behaviors we do at work. It might be praise, it might be a paycheck or something intangible. Regardless of the specifics, positive reinforcement is about getting your employees to keep doing the good things they are doing. And nominating a vending route driver for our annual Route Driver of the Year contest is an opportunity to do just that.

Revamped nomination

The vending route driver of the year contest, now in its 10th year, is a time to recognize your best and brightest drivers. The nomination form includes questions about years of service, how the driver has increased sales and what locations report back to you. In 2014, we’ve shortened the form in order to really drill down to what makes a great driver exceptional. The nomination process also includes multiple opportunities to comment so you can tell the judges in your own words why this driver is the best.

Printable certificate

An added bonus for filling out the nomination form, regardless of whether the vending route driver is awarded one of the prizes or not, is recognition. New this year, we’ve included a printable and customizable Certificate of Excellence for the Route Driver.  After you fill out the nomination form, a link to the document will appear on the Thank You page. This gives operators an opportunity to call attention to their top driver. Fill out the name and company name field, print and present the certificate to the driver at the next staff meeting. Talk about what it takes to be the next nominated driver. Use it as a time to review best practices and congratulate the person or persons who embody what you’d like to see.

Also, after the online nomination is processed, Automatic Merchandiser/ will send a complimentary hat to the route driver with Route Driver of the Year Nominee embroidered on the cap. This is an added bonus sent to all first-time nominees.

Vending route drivers are the eyes and ears of the vending operation. They are part customer service representative and part product sales expert. That’s why we’ve had a Route Driver of the Year contest for the last decade. Along with Mondelez International, we are proud to bring you an outstanding driver each quarter and a free trip to the overall winner to the NAMA OneShow. Nominate your driver now to give him or her the positive reinforcement needed to continue to go above and beyond.

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