Loss Prevention

March 17, 2008
Mark Manney discusses loss prevention and the vending theft ladder.
There is no question that loss prevention has become more important in the vending and foodservice industry. Given the challenging times that operators are facing, the ability to reduce if not eliminate loss is one of the greatest revenue enhancing opportunities that exists.The good news is that there are more tools available to accomplish this nowadays. Loss prevention is my specialty, and I look forward to sharing my insight with vending and foodservice professionals.Vending Cafeteria Loss Prevention has been recognized for what it can be, in company after company: A significant residual Profit Enhancement reducing the Cost of Goods1% to 3% in two to four quarters, remarkable results that has become part of the day to day operating reality and the culture of these companies.As Pogo once said, I have seen the enemy and he is us. And so it is with the progressive path an incorrigible segment of a Vending companys employees will climb.The Vending Theft Ladder7. Cash Theft6. Product Theft5. Property Theft4. Theft of Fuel3. Theft of Time2. Fuel Waste1. Productivity Waste As the AM blogger for Loss Prevention I hope to facilitate the internet discussion on a slice of the business that can transform the bottom-line.
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Mark Manney

Mark Manney is the founder and CEO of Loss Prevention Results Inc. (LPR), a loss prevention consulting, product and services company. For more information on LPR's training, technologies, tools and tactics, email: [email protected] or got to www.losspreventionresults.com and click on "Client Testimonials," or call 919-554-1194.