ICO: Global Coffee Roasters, Traders And Retailers Sign Historic Declaration On The Economic Sustainability Of Coffee

Sept. 26, 2019

23 September 2019, London ‒ Leading coffee roasters and traders signed an historic declaration on the economic sustainability of the world coffee sector today, following the first edition of the CEO and Global Leaders Forum organized by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) in response to Resolution 465 on Coffee Price Levels adopted by the International Coffee Council in September 2018.

Sitting as a special session of the ICO’s Private Sector Consultative Board, the Forum marked the sixth consultative event in the structured sector-wide dialogue led by the ICO – the main intergovernmental organization for coffee – to address the coffee price crisis and long-term sustainability of the coffee sector. This is the first time that major private sector actors across the coffee value chain have come together to agree to jointly implement solutions in a spirit of shared responsibility, thereby contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

To date the following private sector representatives have signed a Declaration of Intent to commit to concrete shared and individual time-bound actions, illycaffè, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), Lavazza, Mercon, Nestlé, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, Olam, Starbucks, Sucafina, Tchibo and Volcafe. The Declaration is also supported by the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Producers (CLAC), Fairtrade International, Global Coffee Platform, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung, IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative, National Coffee Association of USA, Oikocredit, Rainforest Alliance, Rusteacoffee, Specialty Coffee Association and the Sustainable Coffee Challenge. Referred to as the London Declaration, all signatories and supporting organisations commit to taking action focusing on four themes: promoting competitive and sustainable production; fostering responsible and equitable growth; promoting responsible consumption; and promoting public-private dialogue regarding policy development. Also set out is a further commitment to take immediate action before the next PR 306/19 23 September 2019 English only E - 2 - meeting of the CEO and Global Leaders Forum towards implementing the actions set forth in the Declaration, to establish market and supply chain information systems, to actively participate in national dialogues and to promote the allocation of resources.

In addition to calling on all coffee sector stakeholders, development partners and governments of all countries to take individual actions, the signatories specifically request the International Coffee Council to endorse this Declaration and to instruct the ICO to continue its efforts to mobilize stronger political support and resources from multilateral mechanisms, international organizations and the private sector to address the short- and long-term sustainability of the coffee sector. The London Declaration will now be considered at the 125th Session of the International Coffee Council meeting later this week.

International Coffee Organization

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is a multilateral organization supporting exporting and importing countries to improve the sustainability of the coffee sector. It provides a highlevel forum for all public and private stakeholders in the sector; official statistics on coffee production, trade and consumption; and support for the development and funding of technical cooperation projects and public-private partnerships.

Private Sector Consultative Board

The Private Sector Consultative Board, made up of industry representatives from exporting and importing countries, advises the International Coffee Council on relevant matters and also enables the coffee industry to comment on ICO activities.

International Coffee Council

The International Coffee Council is the governing body of the ICO, bringing together Governments from countries which export and import coffee. The Council meets twice a year to discuss wide- ranging issues with the aim of promoting a sustainable coffee sector. The 125th Session of the International Coffee Council will be held from 23-27 September at the International Maritime Organization in London. 

Resolution 465


CEO and Global Leaders Forum

More information on the programme of the CEO and Global Leaders Forum programme, including background information on the sector dialogue is available at: https://www.internationalcoffeecouncil.org/eng/ceo-forum.php


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