Today’s fast pace of change make NAMA more vital

When a business is facing a challenging market, belonging to NAMA is more important than ever. From a strong advocacy program that protects us from potentially harmful legislation and burdensome regulations to meaningful world-class education programs that keep us at the top of our game, NAMA is a powerful partner that can help with every aspect of your business so you are poised to flourish regardless of market conditions.

In a difficult economy when legislators are looking for new revenue streams, a strong government affairs department is more important than ever. Legislators at local, state and federal levels see our industry – and more specifically the profits you receive for all your hard work and dedication in particular – as an easy way for them to pay for their new programs.

New laws are ongoing

Consider all the areas where we need NAMA to protect our interests: unfair tax hikes on the local, state and federal level, new coin and currency regulations, new nutritional and labeling requirements, new health care mandates, and regulations associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Government affairs is so important that NAMA has added more funding and a regional lobbyist to help states with difficult legislative, regulatory and tax problems.And what about education? A successful business leader must understand the market, must understand the competition, and must understand how to differentiate himself/herself from the competition. But for many busy executives caught up in the flurry of meetings, texting and e-mails, finding the time to keep up can be a daunting challenge.

Accessible education

NAMA has a host of education programs that make it simple to keep up with everything, whether you want to learn about the newest technologies like how remote monitoring can help your business, or why understanding how to brew the very best coffee can translate into profits for your company. Just by going to NAMA’s OneShow or CoffeeTea&Water event you have everything you need at your fingertips – powerful education programs addressing dozens of critical business issues, unmatched networking opportunities and the chance to see the hottest products and services our industry has to offer. Be sure to look for a new 2-day sales training program to be introduced at this year’s OneShow.

Industry specific resources

From the popular Supervisor Development Training Program to the highly acclaimed Executive Development Program, NAMA delivers unmatched educational resources created specifically to address the problems we face in our industry and simply are not available anywhere else. Thanks to the Certified Executive (NCE) and Quality Coffee Certification Program (QCCP) Certified Coffee Specialist (CCS) certification programs, NAMA members who meet program standards can distinguish themselves from their competitors and demonstrate to their accounts that they represent the best in the industry. Thanks to the Knowledge Source Alliance Network, members can access partners who offer free advice on everything from employment law to health and safety, sales and marketing and more. Plus, professional NAMA staff members are available to answer questions and help members find the resources that quickly solve problems. The good news is that tough times always end, and the boom times will eventually return, and NAMA will be there with the tools and services you need to succeed.




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National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA)

May 7, 2009
Executive Staff Carla Balakgie, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO Dan Mathews, NCE5, CCS, Executive Vice President & COO Eric Dell, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs Dean Gilland...