2015 Route Driver of the Year Quarterly Winner, Candi Greenwald Snackworks, Inc., Bradenton, FL

March 9, 2015

Candi Greenwald gets the job done. Amazing customer service? Check. Consistent machine maintenance? Check. Affinity for vending? Check. When it came to nominating a route driver for the 2015 Route Drive of the Year award, filling in Greenwald’s name was a no-brainer for Lisa Leuchter, vice president of Snackworks. “Candi possesses all of the attributes each and every one of us in our industry wishes our route drivers to have and demonstrate on a regular basis,” she said. Leuchter considers herself and the company fortunate for having hired Greenwald, who will reach her five year anniversary with the company in July. “Candi is trusted and well-liked by all in the industry,” said Leuchter. “She is a real star in the world of vending.”

One step further

Not every route driver will go the extra mile to ensure that all equipment is working properly, all customers are taken care of and all machines are fully stocked. But Greenwald does, and it shows. “In addition to her superior attitude and work ethic, Candi has great knowledge of the equipment she is responsible for on her route,” said Leuchter. In Greenwald’s five years with Snackworks, she has trained herself and others to fix and clean machines. Leuchter can always count on Greenwald to take ownership of her work and never has to ask twice. “Machines are routinely cleaned, coin mechs filled and mechanical issues are successfully dealt with by Candi.”

Persevere for excellence

Greenwald’s perseverance for excellence is in her bones. She doesn’t do a good job to keep her job, she works hard because failure is not an option. "The pride and dedication Candi has for a job well done is evident by the unsolicited positive comments her customers provide to us," said Leuchter. Customers appreciate Greenwald’s optimistic personality. "She listens to customer requests and constantly engages consumers," said Leuchter. "Snackworks never receives any complaints from customers. Our 'eyes in the field' always note the filled, cleaned machines on her route."

Company-wide pride

Although some operators have seen vending numbers plateau in 2014, Greenwald finished the year with a 5 percent increase in sales. Greenwald, who services snack, beverage and cold food machines, doesn’t simply make her company proud by delivering in numbers. It really comes down to her positive attitude. "Candi sings when she is in the back of her truck readying herself for a stop," said Leuchter. Greenwald is proud of the work she does for and with the Snackworks team, and the feeling is mutual. "Candi is a rare find indeed," said Leuchter. "No one could be more deserving of this award."

On learning of her selection and a 2015 Quarterly Winner Candi said, "I want to thank God, and I dedicate this award to my grandmother Isabel Lucy Seggera. In addition I want to thank and recognize all of my coworkers at Snackworks. This is a team award, not just a personal one. Also a special thank you to Lisa and Josh for letting me shine and helping me become a successful driver."