Q & A with Carl Moser

Sept. 30, 2014
As the 60th edition of the Atlantic Coast Expo comes to a start VMW speaks with Carl Moser, chair of the event, on how the expo has transformed after more than half a century and what to expect in the future.

As the 60th edition of the Atlantic Coast Expo comes to a start VMW speaks with Carl Moser, chair of the event, on how the expo has transformed after more than half a century and what to expect in the future.

Q: Can you explain why we are seeing a resurgence of growth at ACE?

A: The reason we are seeing such growth in ACE is for a variety of factors. I think the single biggest change with ACE was hiring TayCar, Inc. as our management company in 2010. Every year since TayCar, Inc. has been in control of ACE we have seen increases in attendance and support. Beth Bowen and Michelle Thomsen-Curwen do a wonderful job steering us the right direction and doing so with a smile on their face. ACE has also tried to make this more than just a regional show, but, an East Coast show. We want to pull from exhibitors and operators from as far away as the West Coast and up and down the East Coast. In 2013 USG had a seminar that was very well attended and brought many operators from states outside the three-state corridor. We hope to see the numbers of attendees for the USG seminar grow even more in 2014. ACE has also invested some of the money that we earn from the show back into the show by paying for speakers and bringing in a keynote speaker of the magnitude of Tommy John to speak at our Breakfast Awards ceremony and Friday night social event. This is a trend we want to continue so that we bring excitement and surprises to all facets of the show.

Q: What makes the 2014 ACE different from other years?

A:  ACE has made some very exciting changes for 2014. Our baseball theme has energized the Exhibitors to create booths and deals that will impact the experience for the operators that visit Myrtle Beach. The addition of the VendScreen Beer Garden will allow socializing to happen in the convention hallway for 3 hours each day of the show. We have also included a New Product Showcase area that will allow Exhibitors to show off their products for 2014. ACE has created wonderful educational opportunities for all day Friday. The sessions begin at 800 a.m. and ends at 330 p.m. with speakers on micro markets, technology, legislative, sales training, and finally technician training. We are very excited to host our social event Friday night with Tommy John, our breakfast awards ceremony Saturday morning, and our corn hole tournament Saturday afternoon to unwind after the show.

Q: What has been your experience with ACE?

A: I have been on the ACE planning committee since 2000. Our committee has always had the executive committee set up so that the chairman and chair elect would get the needed experience by serving on the board for a lengthy time and then move up the ladder. I have always felt that it is truly an honor to serve and try to make our industry better by serving on the Virginia state board (VAMA) and the ACE committee. Our goal for the future is to continue to grow the show and bring in future leaders to move ACE to the next level. Personal experience includes: chairman of ACE in 2014, chair elect of ACE 2013 and education sub-committee chair, sponsorship sub-committee chair in 2011 and 2012, ACE committee member 2000 to 2014 and VAMA president 2010 to 2011.

Q: As ACE chair, what are your goals for future ACE events?

A: I believe as the show continues to grow we will adjust to allow for more space for exhibitors. We also want to focus on continuing the increase we are seeing in operator growth. This year we are seeing a more than 30 percent increase in operator attendance. It is amazing where we have come in such a short period of time. The current trend of positive news for ACE will continue as the economy improves and we think outside the box for exciting themes and education. Our board is committed to offering the very best in knowledge and social events so the small and large operations can get the most out of ACE.