New video on Bob Tullio’s b2b Perspective channel shows how to use storytelling technique for sales success

June 25, 2021

Convenience services consultant and contributing editorBob Tullio has just released a new video on his b2b Perspective YouTube channel that could help you succeed in that next big sales pitch.

Coming off a May webinar that Tullio presented for NAMA, titled Selling OCS and the Power of Storytelling, Tullio’s new video is the first of a three part series that focuses entirely on the storytelling sales technique. 

“If you are selling convenience services or anything in the business-to-business world, you basically have two options when it comes to presentations,” Tullio advised.

“You can present by delivering a series a facts, assertions by you. which are probably very convincing," he continued, "or you can use one of the most powerful sales tools known to man, something that every sales rep must have in their arsenal today – storytelling.”

Tullio said his goal in this three-part video series is to give sales reps the information they need to become effective storytellers.

"Once they understand the fundamentals, then it is just a matter of tapping into their creative abilities,” he added. 

In related news, Tullio will be presenting a three-hour pre-conference session, Selling Convenience Services: A Playbook for Sales Professionals, on Tuesday, Aug. 17, at the upcoming NAMA Show in New Orleans.


[Credit: Tullio b2b]
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