Five Star, LightSpeed, G&J Launch Vision Partnership

April 10, 2018

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Since the advent of micro markets, technology has been driving disruption and innovation across the convenience services industry. One of the largely untapped innovations and same store sales growth drivers for operators is the execution of consumer-facing product promotions and advertising them digitally inside breakrooms. To date, many retail-minded operators like Five Star Food Service have dipped their toes in the digital advertising waters to test effectiveness either via ads on kiosk screens or a smattering of larger digital screens in micro market locations. If most are like Five Star, they have experienced undeniable success, but not had the operational bandwidth to expand their digital screen network. 

A partnership formed late last year between G&J Marketing and Sales and LightSpeed Automation shows promise of explosive growth in the digital advertising space in the industry. Through this new partnership, G&J now represents LightSpeed’s digital advertising concept, Vision, and offers additional services to bring promotional opportunities and content management to operators on the platform. 

With a current network of approximately 140 LightSpeed Vision devices powering screens, Five Star has proven out the concept. As a result of recent investments in growing its marketing and micro market operations capacity, Five Star has entered a strategic partnership with G&J and LightSpeed to outfit all 850-plus existing micro markets and all future micro market installations with a digital advertising screen and Vision device. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with two progressive industry leaders in G&J and LightSpeed,” said Greg McCall, Chief Revenue Officer, Five Star. “We believe that digital marketing is the next evolution of our robust promotional platform. Digital ads will be used to build awareness for new products, increase purchase frequency, and drive participation in corporate programs. Our roadmap projects having 1,000 screens deployed by the end of summer!” 

“Five Star has been an amazing, innovative partner in working with us through the development phase of Vision,” said David Marler, Vice President of Sales, LightSpeed. “Their marketing expertise and patience has lead the way for all operators to take advantage of this powerful tool.  Our partnership with G&J will accelerate the success of this new digital advertising platform by giving operators and manufacturers a new way to connect with customers.” 

Five Star has long enjoyed successful relationships with both LightSpeed and G&J independent of one another. Coming together in collaboration builds a winning recipe for everyone from the product manufacturer up to, and most importantly, the end consumer. It combines an innovative product marketing company in G&J with industry technology experts at LightSpeed and ties in consumer-focused, growth-driven operators. 

The future of the convenience services industry will continue to be shaped by those companies that are willing to push the envelope, invest in innovation, and execute well with the consumer in mind. 

About Five Star Food Service  
Five Star Food Service, based in Chattanooga, TN, is the Southeast’s premier on-site food and beverage solution provider to employers and other commercial, institutional, and educational locations. Five Star is a leader in micro-markets, full-service vending, coffee services, full-service dining, and catering across Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky. Founded in 1993, Five Star Food Service has grown to one of the largest privately held operators in the United States and is a franchise of Canteen Vending. For more information visit 

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LightSpeed Automation is an Industry leader in innovative business solutions specializing in warehouse automation, digital advertising, inventory management, online ordering, and cold food management. Learn more at 

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G&J Marketing and Sales has set the standard for excellence in the industry through sales performance and innovative marketing techniques for 33 years. G&J is committed to the success of the operators they service, the distributors to whom they partner, and the manufacturers they represent. G&J exists to promote, with PRIDE, the success of everyone they touch. Learn more 


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