AVT Unveils New 12/12 Premium Coffee Kiosk

June 15, 2015

LOS ANGELES, June 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AVT, Inc., a leading manufacturer of automated retailing systems, announced today that they have completed development of their new "12/12" Premium Coffee Kiosk, which offers 12 blends of coffee in full-size 12-ounce cups.

The system uses whole beans, which are freshly ground for each cup to provide barista-like flavor at a fraction of the coffee shop cost.

The 12/12 Premium Coffee Kiosk is also one of the only systems on the market that provides a full 12-ounce cup – giving customers more for their money, better value, and a richer coffee experience.

These innovative systems have been approved to enter a significant pilot program within several major military bases, and at one of the world's leading hotel chains.

The system has a small footprint and is easy to setup, so it can be used in virtually any location, making it ideal for hotels, airports, hospitals, offices, military bases, and anywhere people gather.

"Now consumers can get premium coffee in a more convenient manner and at a lower price," said Wayne Salvino, President of AVT, Inc. "We believe that our new 12/12 Premium Coffee Kiosk can revolutionize the self-service coffee industry, and can replace the expensive coffee shop habit for many of the millions of Americans that enjoy coffee every day."