Featured In Automatic Merchandiser: The Hidden Cost Of Cash

March 24, 2014

What is the cost of accepting cash? A first blush response may be “nothing” because unlike cashless payments, there is no “discount” fee paid off the top to a processor nor a monthly connect fee for the equipment. Vending operators have long-favored cash in part because accepting it has been regarded as free especially when in comparison operators pay 5 to 7 percent for cashless payments. In an industry where every percent counts, this cashless fee is viewed by many as onerous and has been a barrier to greater cashless penetration. Full article


Using cash in vending machines costs 6.54 percent of an operation's total revenue.

The hidden cost of cash

March 7, 2014
Cash is often viewed as free, but its costs are simple intertwined with the vending operation and equipment costs.