NAMA’s Coffee Service Committee Preps For 2014 CTW

Jan. 30, 2014

NAMA’s Coffee Service Committee, along with CEO Carla Balakgie and Board Chair Pete Tullio, met at the Hyatt Hotel Regency in Dallas, Texas last week, site of the 2014 NAMA Coffee, Tea and Water (CTW) show. The committee discussed enhancements to the 2014 show, to be held Nov. 11 to 13, especially the addition of upgraded education sessions.

“The goal of this year’s CTW show is to have education sessions tailored for everyone – sales, operations and senior management alike,” said Dean Gilland, NAMA’s vice president of sales and CTW, in a prepared statement. “CTW gets bigger and better each year, and 2014 will be no exception.”

In addition to discussing this year’s CTW show, the committee reviewed surveys from both attendees and exhibitors regarding the 2013 show in Nashville, Tenn. They also received a government affairs update on issues that may affect coffee service operators. There was time for networking, like the opening dinner which was attended by Dallas-based operator Patrick Moran of Moran Munchies and NAMA Knowledge Source Partner Fred Parish, who is also from the Dallas, Texas market.

“I’m particularly pleased we were able to review the 2013 surveys, as they allow us to plan educational sessions based on operator requests and needs,” said Howard Fisher, chair of the Coffee Service Committee. “Everyone who attended the meeting in Dallas was totally engaged and I want to thank them for their service to NAMA and the industry.”