Report: Trends Show New Generation Of Healthy Snackers

Sept. 26, 2013

A new report from Packaged Foods entitled “Healthy-Ingredient Snacks in the U.S.: Cereal/Granola, Fruit, and Seed/Nut Snacks and Bars” shows how consumer trends are converging to produce a new generation of snackers attracted by the “health halo” surrounding healthy-ingredient snacks and to create the conditions for a vibrant market.

The report is based upon data collected from field surveys of food retailers in various channels as well as a wide range of industry sources, including company Websites, trade publications, business newspapers and magazines, consumer blogs, and annual reports, 10Ks and other releases from public companies.

This Packaged Facts report defines the market for healthy-ingredient snacks based upon the following IRI product categories and types: cereal/granola bars including granola bars, breakfast/cereal/snack bars and all other snack/granola bars; snack nuts and seeds including snack nuts, sunflower/pumpkin seeds and toasted corn nut snacks; dried fruit snacks including fruit rolls/bars/snacks; apple chips; and dried fruits; and trail mix and other sweet/salty snacks including nutritional snacks/trail mixes; chocolate covered salted snacks; and carob/yogurt coated snacks.

The report also analyzes product categories based on data from the winter 2013 Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS), which was fielded between January 2012 and March 2013. Report.