National Beverage Reports Increased Revenues In Fiscal 2013

July 15, 2013

National Beverage Corp. reported results for Fiscal 2013. For the year ended April 27, 2013, the company showed an increase in revenue of $662 million, up 5 percent. The net income increased to $47 million, up 7 percent and the earnings per share increased to $1.01, up 6 percent.

“This was a year that witnessed consumer trends/mood severely change their preferences. It is very tempting to write about all the challenges; from corn costs to horrific explosions – to fear-induced bomb or tornado catastrophes, but why do that? Instead, we count our blessings for results that are far better than our industry peers anticipated,” stated Nick A. Caporella, chairman and chief executive officer, in a prepared statement. “One can read our regulatory filings to learn more of why and how this great year came about. Instead, I would like to share some feelings.

“Our most recent dividend; the appreciation of our common stock; the diligence of our devoted team; the health and wellness of our brands and the good blessings bestowed upon us . . . make us extremely grateful and humbly appreciative! Thank you,” Caporella continued. “This writing in July, significantly into our first quarter, finds our nation and our world at the mercy of all the dilemma that has been present for so long – and I sense a more weary, more anxious and more challenged consumer – one that is harassed by nearly every issue and everyone . . . one that wants normalcy to return and quickly."

“Last May and June, we had picnic weather and record revenues; this year witnessed no picnics, sickening explosions and weeks of tornados. This fiscal year 2014, our performance will demand a rare form of excellence. Our past being the ultimate barometer, certainly we have what it takes to do – just that,” concluded Caporella.


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