Upstate Networks Inc. Unveils New Mobile Payment System

May 22, 2013

Upstate Networks, Inc. has unveiled a new programming resource to integrate smart phones, tablets and phablets with unattended vending machines and payment systems.

Targeted to Android developers, UNI's PC2ASDAPI Library is a software package that enables the use of common USB-to-serial adapters and features UNI's PC2ASD™ circuit board, which can be used with devices running Android 3.1 and above supporting USB host mode. The PC2ASD™ replaces the keypad on a vending machine with an Android-based interface. This allows the Android device to control the item selection process.

The PC2ASDAPI Library was developed in Java programming language using the Android Software Development Kit. Rooting of devices is not required to access the USB port.

According to Chris Smolen Upstate Networks president, the library is easy to integrate. “Follow a few simple steps and the developer's app is ready to communicate with the PC2ASD™ circuit board,” Smolen said in a prepared statement. "Create an instance of the class, implement the Data Listener and the simulating a key press is simply calling the send key press method.” Smolen continued ”The programmer can then control the vending machine selection mechanism via a smartphone or tablet computer (phablet).”


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May 30, 2007
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