USA Technologies Receives 85th Patent For Vending Alert System

April 5, 2013

USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT) announced that the U.S. Patent Office has granted USAT its 85th patent, further extending USAT's portfolio of intellectual property in the area of cashless payment and remote diagnostics.

"This latest patent, which describes devices and methods for generating an alert for a vending machine, is an example of how USAT has focused on providing value-added diagnostics for our customers as part of our comprehensive ePort Connect® cashless payment and telemetry service," said Stephen P. Herbert, USAT's chairman and chief executive officer in a prepared statement. "Our customers, all traditionally cash-based businesses, are increasingly embracing technology to help improve their business results and customer satisfaction. As these customers move further into implementation of cashless payment, remote data monitoring and consumer engagement services, we believe our IP Portfolio offers them distinct added value."

U.S. Patent #8,373,558 describes devices and methods for generating an alert for a vending machine, according to USAT. It adds to a collection of USAT patents related to cashless payment, remote audit and interactive transaction capabilities in a vending machine accumulated by USAT as a market leader for cashless payment and telemetry serving the small-ticket, unattended market.


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