AdvancePierre Introduces The BaconAddict™ Cheeseburger

March 21, 2013

AdvancePierre Foods has introduced the latest addition to its BIG AZ® brand sandwich line, the new BaconAddict™ Cheeseburger. Set to satisfy bacon-loving consumers, the burger features a juicy, oversized flame-broiled beef patty sandwiched between two layers of bacon-infused American cheese and topped with more bacon. Served up on AdvancePierre Foods' hearth-baked yeast roll, the BaconAddict Cheeseburger delivers a hot, fresh meal experience from the microwave.

"Market research has shown that bacon is one of the most popular sandwich proteins and that many consumers prefer sandwiches with bacon," said Tony Schroder, president of convenience channels at AdvancePierre Foods in a prepared statement. "To meet consumer demand for more sandwich products with bacon, AdvancePierre Foods is thrilled to introduce the new BIG AZ BaconAddict Cheeseburger to convenience and vending customers nationwide."

The popularity of bacon on sandwiches among U.S. consumers continues to grow. A recent Technomic study found that when asked what types of meat they would most likely order on sandwiches for lunch and dinner at a restaurant, 37 percent of consumers preferred bacon for lunch and 36 percent for dinner. Additionally, the study found that more than 87 percent of consumers are willing to pay at least 50 cents to add bacon to a sandwich or burger, showing that bacon has a perceived added value.

AdvancePierre Foods plans to showcase the BIG AZ BaconAddict Cheeseburger at the upcoming NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas, April 24 to 26.


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