VendScreen Moves To Larger Facility

March 6, 2013
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VendScreen, Inc., inventor of the VendScreen Revolution™ smart device for vending machines, has out-grown its headquarters in Portland, Ore., prompting a move into a larger space.

 The new building has VendScreen essentially doubling its previous office space. The new headquarters remains in the same vicinity of the old office, which keeps the company close to the Portland International Airport, allowing for easy access for both domestic and international guests.

 “Although we had just moved into the current space this past summer, we had filled up all available workspaces. The landlord had leased our current space affording us the opportunity to upgrade to a larger office,” explains CEO and founder Paresh Patel, in a prepared statement. “The new building gives us room to grow, and will grow with us as we continue to add staff.”

 Patel says the headcount at VendScreen has also seen an increase to the tune of 100 percent. According to him, VendScreen has been on a steady hiring streak, increasing technical, operations and support staff. In addition, VendScreen is adding more sales personnel as the devices are distributed nationwide.

 “The new facility is designed to allow increased collaboration amongst our development teams,” added co-founder and CTO Glenn Butler. He continued, “In addition, it boasts a network operations area, a client support area, and a developer lab that will help us develop and test products in continuous and iterative cycles.”

 The VendScreen team also consists of remote staff in four key market regions, with plans to hire more regional personnel in the near future.


Vendscreenlogo 10365391

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