Credit-Only Vengo Vending Machine Debuts In New York

Feb. 19, 2013

A team of entrepreneurs have created Vengo vending machines, wall-mounted, touchscreen vending machines selling sundries like mouthwash and gum that accept only credit cards, according to the New York Post. Brian Shimmerlik and his team got their start with a $17,500 grant from the city Economic Development Corp. in 2012 awarded for their original plan to put vending machines in taxis. Vengo is the trademark by the company TaxiTreats in Bedford, N.Y.

The first Vengo has been placed in a New York City bar. Shimmerlik remotely monitors the products purchased and tracks best and worst sellers. He hopes to place 10,000 Vengo machines throughout the city in other bars, doctors' waiting rooms and offices. He plans to customize the products inside the machine, such as selling USB cables in machines located in offices. Full article.