Randolph Vending Program Works To Revive Reputation Among Student

Feb. 18, 2013

At a recent meeting of the Randolph Vending Repair Program Advisory Committee, it was reported that the programs' reputation with students, developed over many years at Edison High School, has not carried over during the move to Randolph. "We must start anew by placing students in work environments and fostering a desire for underclassmen to get into the program and share in the success they see their predecessors enjoy," said long-time instructor Jim Clark, in a prepared statement. "This will happen, however, it is a slow process that takes several years to develop."

Recruiting efforts have included handing out hot beverages with the program brochures to students and parents at a district-wide high school expo, discussion of the opportunities in the vending industry to ninth grade students and the vending program covered in a “News Minute” on the local cable television channel.

Replacement Instructor

At the meeting, Pat Donnelly expressed a great interest in taking over as the instructor and keep the program advancing, after Clark retires. Donnelly has actively been completing the background checks required to become a teacher, and toured the shop. In addition, Donnelly has agreed to spend one day a week working with Clark in the shop until the end of the school year.

A generous commitment from the National Automatic Merchandising Assoication (NAMA) has been offered to subsidize Donnelly's time spent learning how the program works.

Clark is in negotiations to periodically return during the next school year as a mentor for Donnelly.