Crane Announces VendMAX Software Update

Jan. 29, 2013

Crane Merchandising Systems recently announced the release of VendMAX 5.0.5, the latest software upgrade to the company’s Streamware-branded vending management system (VMS).  VendMAX 5.0.5 features annual maintenance updates, as well as added capabilities to its prevalent dynamic scheduling and cashless modules.

Upgrades to the dynamic scheduling module include:

  • The addition of machine “banking” for scheduling machines in close proximity to receive service together
  • Integration with alerts and service calls to enable better decision making by identifying problem machines while scheduling
  • Additional views and reports for improved usability.

The newest version of the cashless module*:

  • Enables users to identify problems with cashless technology at the machine level with new cashless alerts
  • Provides users with new views and reports for cashless performance and breakeven analysis, as well as estimated bank deposits from cashless sales
  • Offers several options for setting up new commission rules and rates for cashless, and deducting cashless sales and fees from commissions.

*Only available with Crane’s cashless technology.

“Crane Merchandising Systems is committed to continuous improvement and strives to provide our customers with not only new solutions that incorporate the latest technology, but also enhancements to their existing Streamware products that can benefit their business,” said Silpa Pande, VendMAX product manager, in a prepared statement.  “Over the past two years we have consistently introduced enhancements to both VendMAX and DeliveryMAX, and we have improved our product development process to average two releases per year.  It’s this dedication to new product development that positions Crane Streamware as a leader in the VMS space.”

In addition to module updates, this latest upgrade provides several feature enhancements to VendMAX and DeliveryMAX including, but not limited to, new data change audit reports and automated emailing of invoices. The company’s FoodMAX product also received changes with this upgrade that include enhanced food ordering algorithms, the addition of prior menu cycle details to order screens, the ability to generate estimates when there is insufficient history, and enhanced forecast reports.

The dynamic scheduling and cashless modules are available for purchase to new and existing VendMAX customers.  However, customers who already have these modules get the upgrades for free.  The feature enhancements are included in the annual maintenance service of VendMAX, DeliveryMAX and FoodMAX and are provided at no additional charge.


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