Food Researcher/Consultant Notes 'Sin' Food Taxes Don’t Work In Denmark

July 26, 2012

Denmark provides an example of how ineffective sin taxes can be, as the government is considering reversing a current “sin tax” because citizens have been crossing the Danish border to purchase fattier items in neighboring countries, according to Donna Sutton, in a blog on the Symphony IRI Group Website about how retailers can address the need to encourage consumers to eat healthier food. For the full story, click here

Editor’s Insight: This isn’t the first report to question the effectiveness of “sin” taxes, but it is one of the more dramatic ones: consumers actually crossing a national border to escape such taxes.

The second half of this blog notes that retailers can address the obesity crisis proactively by pricing healthier options more favorably, offering a greater variety of these options and using front-of-pack nutrition labels. 07-26-12 By Elliot Maras