New York City Store Sells Water Run Through Seven-Stage Treatment Process

July 19, 2012

A pair of entrepreneurs have opened a store in New York City that serves water from a $25,000 filtering machine that uses a 7-step treatment process including ultraviolet rays, ozone treatments and reverse osmosis, challenging the city’s claim that its tap water is outstanding, according to The Wall Street Journal. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: Water quality has become a huge customer concern, and the vending and refreshment service industry should not ignore the opportunities to address this issue.

This unique store in New York City may or may not begin a trend. These entrepreneurs are working in tandem with environmental advocates who claim many public water systems do an insufficient job in providing safe water.

Whether or not these entrepreneurs start a trend, give them an “A” for their marketing savvy: a front page article in The Wall Street Journal  that includes a QR code at the end to learn more about their store.

More water treatment products have been introduced at vending, coffee service and water service trade shows in recent years. Operators will  find it worth their while to offer water treatment services. 07-19-12 By Elliot Maras