Kraft Foods Inc. Partners With Intel On Product Distribution And Marketing Platforms

April 24, 2012

Through the innovative use of technology and key partnerships, Kraft Foods Inc. and Intel have created a new product distribution and marketing platform that uniquely combines digital technology with traditional hardware platforms. The resulting immersive experience enables brands to interact with consumers in a new way, creating an emotional connection. Powered by a modular software/hardware architecture framework utilizing high performance Intel® Core™i5 processors, this new platform delivers fun and engaging vending, sampling, and digital signage experiences.

At the heart of every interactive experience is a modular architecture framework enabling the flexibility to:

  • Seamlessly transform between vending, sampling, and digital signage experiences;
  • Rebrand existing experiences easily;
  • Refresh content quickly via a centralized content management system (products, promotions, advertising);
  • Remotely monitor and manage with full analytics (inventory management, pricing…)

The architecture provides a sustainable model for Kraft Foods and its vending operator partners to deliver personalized consumer experiences in a wide variety of locations such as airports, train stations, healthcare facilities, and college campuses.

The highly successful pilot of the Diji-Touch vending machine has been in limited market areas for approximately 18 months. A combination of traditional vending with a touchscreen interface that delivers product nutrition information and engaging advertising, the Diji-Touch vending machine allows brands to better connect with consumers at point of sale.

Kraft Foods’ new modular architecture framework is the foundation for the next generation of Diji-Touch vending machines that will be deployed in several market areas in the second half of 2012. Successful deployment will enable a national launch in 2013 that will deliver millions of branded impressions and engagement opportunities with consumers.

The Diji-Taste is Kraft Foods’ sampling platform leveraging traditional vending machines as the product distribution mechanism. The engaging consumer experiences leverage large touchscreen digital displays, camera technology supporting age/gender detection and gestural game control. And social network integration. 


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