USA Today: Gourmet Food Trucks Expand Nationwide

Aug. 12, 2011

After finding traction in big cities, gourmet food trucks are rolling out across the country and into the broader culture, dishing up everything from gussied-up standard fare (hot dogs heaped with homemade apple-horseradish slaw) to fusion fare (pulled-pork-topped Belgian waffles) and more, according to USA Today. 

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Editor’s Insight: The new breed of mobile food operator is focused on value. These entrepreneurs are doing what refreshment service operators should be doing; providing the values today’s consumers are looking for.

This USA Today article notes that these new food trucks are wrapped in professional graphics and staffed with graduates of culinary schools and high-end restaurant kitchens.

What this trend demonstrates is the free market system in action. Today’s culinary graduates don’t have the same opportunities available to them as their predecessors did in traditional restaurants. So they’re going where today’s opportunity is.

And they are targeting the market that traditional foodservice and refreshment service operators have long taken for granted. 08-12-11 by Elliot Maras