Herr’s Foods Inc. Wins Recognition For Research And Development

July 22, 2014

Readers of Food Process Magazine voted Herr’s Foods Inc.’s research and development team as the number 1 medium sized company R&D Team.

The R&D department has grown from humble beginnings, originating with one part-time employee, to five full-time employees comprising the R&D team, with contributions from two individuals from manufacturing and quality assurance.

Today, it’s a complex, well-organized process, with a team dedicated solely to R&D. Committees in R&D, marketing and sales generate ideas and provide direction to the R&D team.

Phil Bernas, vice president of quality assurance and R&D, said in a prepared statement: “We also enlist the talents from many people in our processing areas, with vast amounts of experience, and we include them in our R&D experimentation. Because of the diversity and range of talent, we get a lot of feedback and good ideas that allow us to bring it all together in the end. Our people are very excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the process of developing a product and seeing it go to market.”