Florida Inmates Crave Honey Buns; Orlando Sentinel Examines Why

Jan. 14, 2011
Florida Inmates Crave Honey Buns; Orlando Sentinel Examines Why

Inmates in the Florida prison system buy 270,000 honey buns a month. Across the state, they sell more than tobacco, envelopes and cans of Coke, according to The Orlando Sentinel in Orlando, Fla, which investigates why this is so.

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Editor's Insight: This story makes great copy for vending operators' newsletters from a human interest standpoint.

Customer newsletters are important customer relations tools for vending operators. While the goal of a newsletter is to keep the customer aware of what the vending operation provides, the newsletters also have to be interesting for people to want to read them.

This story on the popularity of honey buns among prisoners has lots of interesting information. Inmates at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women used honey buns as the base for a Christmas apple pie. Inmates at the Robeson County Jail in Lumberton, N.C., mixed in honey buns to sweeten a wine they fermented from orange juice. During his two-month stay in an Illinois jail cell, NFL defensive tackle Tank Johnson gulped down, after hearty meals of beef sticks and summer sausages, 40 honey buns for dessert. 01-14-11 Elliot Maras