AVT Inc. Debuts Touch Screen Gaming Centers At Consumer Electronics Show

Jan. 20, 2011
AVT Inc. Debuts Touch Screen Gaming Centers At Consumer Electronics Show

AVT, Inc. unveiled their latest Automated Retailing Systems at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, and also announced that they are beginning shipments of their new Touch Screen Gaming Centers. These sleek units, which were one of the more popular attractions at CES, dispense all types of games from a revolutionary new style vending machine.  Equipped with a large 32" Touch Screen Interface, the Gaming Center allow consumers to browse selections, see previews of games, and use a credit card for an instant purchase.

The machines were developed last year by AVT's in-house designers and engineers, and the units are now beginning deployment. "We are especially proud of our innovation and pleased to have been able to conceive, design, develop and begin deployment of an entirely new product line in such a short time," stated Shannon Illingworth, AVT company founder. "Our return on the capital investment in this technology is already being realized."

The new machines are at the forefront of Automated Retailing – a segment of both the vending and retailing industries that is growing exponentially. Self-serve retailing has replaced the need for product lock-downs and employee assistance. Instead of waiting by a locked shelf display – such as those at the local Target or Wal-Mart – or looking for an employee to come and offer assistance, customers can now view, demo and purchase a wide selection of games at the Touch Screen Gaming Center – quickly, automatically, and securely.

AVT's proprietary Smart Technology is also included in the new Centers. This unique suite of advanced systems, hardware and software allows owners and operators to remotely track sales, spot trends, and receive customizable notifications and alerts.

"Gamers are going to love these machines," Illingworth stated. "These tech-savvy people and those who love the Apple iPad or iPhone will appreciate our styling, innovation, technology, and user-friendly features."

For more information on AVT and how their new Touch Screen Gaming Center gives consumers better service and selection, and retailers lower costs and improved security, visit AVT's Website at: www.avtinconline.com or www.autoretail.com, or call James Winsor, Chief Executive Officer, at 951-737-1057.