Oklahoma Bill Will Reduce Vending Machine Fee

March 7, 2011
Oklahoma Bill Will Reduce Vending Machine Fee

Legislation headed for the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives would reduce the fee on vending machines, according to The Bixby Bulletin in Bixby, Okla.

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Editor's Insight: When the decal fee was tripled, VendingMarketWatch warned it would hurt the vending industry in a big way. Sure enough, this lawmaker notes that the vending and beverage associations project a 30 percent reduction of machines in the market.

Instead of generating the estimated $8.5 million, the fee increase will potentially create a loss of $6.5 million to the state by the time job reduction is considered.

Vending operators should copy this article and show it to lawmakers who want to raise vending taxes and fees. 03-07-11 Elliot Maras