What To Expect At The 2018 NAMA Show

Feb. 13, 2018

This year the industry gears up early for the NAMA Show. The event, formerly named the NAMA OneShow, is taking place March 21 to 23 in Las Vegas, NV at the Convention Center. Every aspect of the industry is anticipated to be well represented, from micro markets to office coffee service. It will be an opportunity to witness the emergence of new ideas and new products alike. There’s no one better to give insight into what’s new at the NAMA Show than Eric Dell, who has a new role within NAMA that leads directly into the exciting aspects of the 2018 show.

Dell's New Role  

Dell, who was senior vice president for government affairs, has a new business development role that provides him the opportunity to work directly with exhibiting companies to create marketing plans and value. As senior vice president, external affairs, he says that he is able to focus on taking even better care of NAMA members and ensure that they’re getting the most value for their membership.

New at the NAMA Show 

Dell discussed the personalized marketing plans for NAMA Show exhibitors, which are providing the opportunity to build a stronger value for operator attendees. One example of this is a mini presentation area that will be on the floor, providing expanded opportunities to learn about new products, trends and best practices. This will be a small stage for speakers to give “talks” about their new products. 

In past years, the NAMA Show has typically had a “product showcase” — a glass showcase with products on shelves that could be viewed by attendees. This year there will be an ENTIRE ROOM that attendees can walk through called the New Product Zone with scannable products. This will be new and engaging like never before, says Dell. Attendees will be able to walk through the room of products, scanning them, and at the end of the room will receive a map of all the products that were scanned along with where to find them on the show floor. “Not only does this drive value for operator attendees,” said Dell, “it provides tremendous value to exhibiting companies by driving attendees to their booths. The personalized marketing plans that are being created are helping add value to this important part of the Show.”

In the past, the corridor down the middle of the show floor led to the NAMA booth. This year, the red carpet leading to NAMA Central will be located in what’s called the “Convenience Zone” — which will house the NAMA booth, the New Product Zone, and also meeting rooms where exhibitors and attendees can meet without having to leave the show floor. The long central corridor will be replaced with interspersed booths. “In order to walk around you have to ‘get in the weeds’ in a sense,” said Dell. “This creates an atmosphere where attendees are mingling and checking out the different products and exhibitors and really being a part of the show.” 

These changes not only benefit vending operators attending the show, but the exhibitors are benefitted through marketing plans developed around the offerings. Dell explained that NAMA’s marketing plan is also supporting the exciting, higher-level educational programming that attendees will find at this year’s NAMA Show. “I urge everyone to arrive early to attend educational sessions this year. Attendees won’t be disappointed in the increased value in this area of the show,” Dell said.

Year-round marketing 

Dell and the new business development team at NAMA have also created better marketing plans for show  sponsors and members. “By working hand-in-hand with NAMA’s programs and services team, led by Lindsey Nelson, our team effort of creating an annual marketing program directly relates to the show(s) and events success,” explained Dell. Because many top-level sponsors that support different NAMA events throughout the year requested this annual program to assist with budgeting, increasing personalization and trackable return on investment, NAMA created it. Dell and the business development division are creating personalized marketing plans that support year-round recognition and increased value and ROI by focusing on assisting their sponsors to meet their goals in the channel. The team is visiting with their member’s leadership teams, learning more about their business goals and providing increased value.


Dell explained why these changes were so important, saying, “the updates to the NAMA Show, the development of our annual marketing program and creation of our business development division enhances the value of a NAMA membership. It is imperative upon NAMA to meet and exceed the expectations of our members and that is exactly why these changes are so important.” We are ever-changing as a society, and it is important to implement change to exceed people’s expectations. NAMA does so by keeping their events exciting and new. 

“No one wants the same marketing and events year-over-year,” Dell added. “And the 2018 NAMA Show is definitely not that. NAMA is listening to our members and creating value to meet their needs.”