Recognize Top Talent

Oct. 13, 2014

I had the opportunity to review the recent Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement: The Road to Economic Recover Report conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). It’s a very interesting report that comes out annually and is something you should take the time to look at if you are in a position of leadership at your business. It will probably come as no shock to you, but employee pay has a direct correlation to how satisfied your employees are. This was found to be true regardless of the generation. It was continually cited as the number one form of recognition.

Everyone wants to be recognized for working hard, delivering results or coming up with new ideas that help an organization’s bottom line. Our businesses are tough. We can’t always hand out monetary rewards to all our stand out employees as much as we’d like to, but are you recognizing your top talent in some other fashion?

A great way to recognize

Automatic Merchandiser and are very excited to offer the first annual Pros to Know Awards that recognizes vending, micro market and office coffee service industry professionals who are leading initiatives that help their company or organization and in turn, the industry, in business today. These awards are designed to highlight both individual and group achievements that promote industry innovation and positive growth.

While you are planning for 2015, I encourage you to reflect on 2014. Did you have an employee or a team invent a new solution to a problem? Did someone step forward and lead the charge to implement a new process that helped your bottom line? Did you have a sales team that thought outside of the box to land a new account? Have an industry veteran whose legacy has been vital to your organization or industry? How about a younger employee or team that has come into this industry and has hit the ground running? Why not take as much as ten minutes out of your day to tell us about it and nominate them? We won’t even think you are narcissistic by nominating yourself either. If you consider yourself to be an industry leader, you should be proud of that and we’d like you to tell us about that too. We are accepting nominations from now until November 1st. Once all nominations have been received, winners will be notified by November 19th. The 2014 Pros to Know Award Winners will be featured in the December issue of Automatic Merchandiser and on

Winning is an honor

It can be very intimidating to be honored. Sometimes, people are just happy to stand off stage and quietly be recognized for their effort. When I sit and talk to them for a bit prior to handing them an award at a trade show, you can tell how humbled they are for the award they are being given. They take pride in what they do and are just so honored that their company took the time out to nominate them. It’s such a great feeling to know that you are being recognized for what you do. So don’t delay, fill out a nomination form today! For full rules and the link to the nomination form, please head over to: . I can’t wait to read about all the talent in our industry!