NAMA Expo Product Report

Jan. 1, 2005
From candy and ice cream to hot beverages, a look at some of the new product from the Expo

American Licorice Co.
New 1.5-ounce Snaps classic chewy candy and Sour Punch Apple Straws are now available in a 1.5-ounce vend tray. Also new to the Red Vines line is Strawberry Sugar Free Twists in 4-ounce bags. Call 800-220-2399;

Biscomerica Corp.
New Basil's Bavarian Bakery 5-ounce sandwich cr'mes
come in three varieties: Duplex, Vanilla and Chocolate. New sugar free cookie: Basil's Bavarian Bakery 2-ounce chocolate chip. Call 909-877-5997;

Cloverhill Bakery
Handheld cakes come in twin packs in three varieties: 4-ounce cinnamon coffee cakes; 4-ounce cream cheese coffee cakes; and 3.5-ounce pound cakes. Call 773-745-9800.

Campbell Soup Co.
Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish' is now available in 2.25- and 1.5-ounce vending packs. Flavor Blasted Goldfish is available in two flavors: Xtra Cheddar and Burstin' BBQ Cheddar, in
2.25-ounce packages. Call 413-567-4319;

ConAgra Foods
Pemmican Homestyle Tender beef jerky has 3 grams of carbs and 12 grams of protein per 1-ounce serving, fitting low-carb and low-fat lifestyles. Call 866-766-5767;

Farley's & Sathers Candy Co.
Sour JujyFruits' come in two sizes: 2.5- and 5-ounce bags.
Call 507-945-8181;

Flowers Snack Group, LLC
Mrs. Freshley's introduces three new items: 4-ounce Coconut Cr'me Cakes; 3.5-ounce Strawberry Surprises; and 3.25-ounce Cookie Dough Bar. Also new is a line of Danish: 5-ounce Bear Claw Danish; 5-ounce Cheese Danish; 4-ounce Cheese Danish; 4-ounce Butterhorn Danish; 4-ounce Apple Danish; and 4-ounce Cinnamon Danish. Call 770-723-0173;

Foodservice & Vending Sales
Grandma's' Mini Cookie Bites come in a 4.1-ounce bag size in two flavors: vanilla cr'me and chocolate & peanut butter. Baken-Ets' flavored fried pork skins in 1-ounce bags fit the low-carb lifestyle. Lay's' Kettle Cooked mesquite barbecue extra crunchy potato chips come in 1.375-ounce bags. Lays' Kettled Cooked jalapeno extra crunch potato chips come in 1.375-ounce bags. Frito-Lay' salted peanuts have 5 grams net carbs and come in 1.75-ounce bags. Lay's' dill pickle potato chips come in 1- and 1.5-ounce bags. Lay's' Limon potato chips offers a burst of lime and comes in 1- and 1.5-ounce bags. Doritos black pepper jack tortilla chips comes in two flavors, black pepper and pepper jack cheese, in 1.75- and 1-ounce bags. Oh Boy! Oberto natural style, hickory smoked, beef jerky is 97 percent fat free and comes in a 0.9-ounce bag.

The Gamesa Hispanic brand introduces Arcoiris' and Mamut' cookies and are designed for small spirals. The Arcoiris' are 1.94-ounce bags containing six cookies, each with five coconut marshmallows on top of a shortbread base. The Mamut' comes in 1.74-ounce bags with three chocolate-covered cookies with a marshmallow filling. Call 800-HI-TURNS;

General Mills Inc.
Momentum' chocolate peanut butter bars come in a 1.4-ounce package and have just 3 grams net carbs. Also new: Team Cheerios 1.4-ounce Whole Grain Strawberry Cereal Bar. Call 800-248-7310;

Golden Stream
Xtreme' Harmony' 4-ounce trail mix comes in four flavors: hot cinnamon apple; caramel sour apple; strawberry; and banana nut. All come in resealable bags. Call 800-837-2855.

Hershey's Vending
Twizzlers Strawberry Twists now come in a 5-ounce package for large spirals.

Hershey's Take5 packs offer five favorites in a 1.5-ounce package: pretzels, caramel, peanut butter,
and milk chocolate. Call your vendproduct distributor or 717-534-4122.

Kar Nut Products Co.
Two new treats for health-conscious consumers: 1.5-ounce yogurt, apple and nut mix, and 1.75-ounce peanut, almond and cashew mix. Kar's products are naturally lower in saturated fat and higher in protein than other vend items, many containing less than 10 grams net carbs per 1-ounce serving. Also new for the health-conscious consumer is Salted Almonds and Smoked Almonds, each in 1.25-ounce bags. Call 800-527-6887;

Kellogg/Keebler Co.
KaZaam Crunch' 1.3-ounce crispy rice granola bars are a combination of light, crispy rice and granola topped with a drizzle of chocolate or caramel. In addition, Kellogg has: 1.38-ounce Austin' PB&J flavored cracker sandwiches;
3-ounce Keebler' Fudge Shoppe' brownie. Call 800-621-VEND;

Kraft Vending & OCS
100 Calorie Packs offer favorite brands in reduced calorie, portion-controlled packs. Varieties include: Chips Ahoy!', Kraft Cheese Nips', Oreo' thin crisps, and Wheat Thins' baked snack crackers. Nabisco Mini Honey Maid Oatmeal Raisin Cookies in a 2-ounce bag combine whole grain and a hint of honey and have zero grams trans fat. Call 410-290-7483;

Lincoln Snacks Inc.
Poppycock gourmet caramel glazed popcorn in a 1.5-ounce bag comes in three flavors: original, cashew, and pecan.
Call 312-993-5700;

Masterfoods USA
M&M's' bite-size cookies in 1.8-ounce bags feature M&M's' brand characters. Xfruts Hyperfruit snacks made with 80 percent ingredients from fruit have 80 calories per serving, no sugar or corn syrup added, 100 percent daily value vitamin C, and a good source of fiber. Munch' Nut Bar is made with peanuts, one of six simple ingredients. Call 908-850-2556;

McKee Foods Corp.
Little Debbie' 3-ounce Chocolate Chip Cr'me Pie; Little Debbie' 4.75-ounce Honey Bun. Call 423-238-7111;

Nestle S.A.
Nestle's 1.76-ounce Butterfinger' Crisp wafers and Butterfinger' candy cr'me features layers of light crispy wafer with smooth Butterfinger' candy cr'me filling. In addition, the 1.85-ounce, Wonka Mix-Ups Single offers three products that include Mini Chewy Shockers, Mini Chewy SweeTarts and Mini Chewy Spree. Call 818-549-6000;

NuGo Nutrition
NuGo balanced nutrition snack bars have a low Glycemic response, avoid sugar rushes, and provide sustained energy. The good carbs are metabolized slowly and the bars are low in saturated fat, all natural, and loaded with daily vitamins and nutrients. Call 888-421-2032;

O'Brien's Meat Snacks
Double Barrell beef jerky comes in a 1-ounce package; Sweet & Hot twin stick meat snack comes in a 1.125-ounce package. Call 402-291-3600.

Otis Spunkmeyer
Caramel apple muffins in 4-ounce packs contain juicy apples and velvety-smooth caramel. Call 888-ASK-OTIS;

Parmalat Archway Mother's
Single-serve Archway Crispy Classics come in 3.25-ounce packages in four varieties: raspberry & cr'me; key lime & cr'me; mango & cr'me; and guava & cr'me. Call 770-509-7736.

Pita Products LLC
Pita Chips are a healthy product: baked not fried, no trans fat, no saturated fat, no cholesterol, no preservatives and all natural. Varieties: 1-ounce Pita chips; 1.5-ounce Pita Chips; 1.5-ounce Caddy Pita Chips; and 6-ounce Pita Chips. Flavors: white cheddar; jalapeno & cheddar; honey & wheat; sun dried tomato & basil; and sea salt. Call 800-600-7482;

Poore Brothers Inc.
Honey Wheat Pretzel Braids and Butter Pretzel Braids are available in 1.5-ounce bags. Call 770-941-3355;

Procter & Gamble Inc.
Reduced fat Pringles potato crisps come in a 0.71-ounce package. Call 800-332-7787;

Promotion In Motion Inc.
Welch's Fruit Snacks now include two new flavors: Berries 'N Cherries and Fruit Punch. Call 800-369-7391;

Sherwood Brands Inc.
Got Milk? Wafers are fortified with calcium and essential vitamins and are available in chocolate and vanilla flavor in 2.125-ounce packs. Call 301-309-6161;

Snack Essentials
Healthy vending items include low-carb, organic, meal replacement and soy protein for the general public, schools, gyms and health club locations. Call 214-448-4042;

SnackWorks, LLC
CinnaPretzel comes in a 6-ounce bag with a Cinnabon' branded frosting dip cup. The product offers 14-day shelf life in cold or frozen machines. Call 909-987-9272.

Snyder's of Hanover
Carb-Fix' Pretzel Nibblers feature 50 percent less net carbs than regular pretzels and come in a 1.5-ounce bag. Louisiana style hot potato chips comes in 1.5-ounce bags and has no preservatives. Cracked pepper potato chips comes in 1.5-ounce bags and has no preservatives. Call 800-233-7125 ext. 15125;

Sugar Foods Corp.
SuperSnax are reduced fat, reduced sugar snacks with no artificial colors or preservatives or MSG. Varieties include: 1.5-ounce Pretzel Poppers Cheezy Nacho; 1.5-ounce Pretzel Poppers Cool Ranch; 1.5-ounce Pretzel Poppers Sour Cream & Onion; 1.5-ounce Pretzel Poppers Zesty Pizza; 1.5-ounce Cinnamon Toast Bites; 1.5-ounce Wild Things Animal Crackers; and 1-ounce Almond Crunchers Caramel. Call 912-966-1005;

Tootsie Roll Industries Inc.
Tootsie Roll Home Run lineup includes four snacks in new sizes: 5.63-ounce peg bag Midgees; 5.09-ounce Fruit Rolls; 3.56-ounce Pops Miniatures; and 4.52-ounce Caramel Apple Pops. Call 800-877-7655;

Dunkin' Donuts Honey Bun comes in a 4.75-ounce bag. Tony Roma's BBQ chips comes in 1- and 1.5-ounce bags. Call 800-880-9900;


Florida's Natural Growers
The Florida's Natural' 11.5-ounce Growers' Pride' includes 50 percent and 100 percent pure juice blends that offer a nutritious alternative for schools. Varieties include: apple grape; fruit medley; kiwi strawberry; and apple & grape. Call 863-676-1411;

Nestle Nesquik
Nestle Nesquik single-serve 10 percent milk milkshakes now include: S'mores; mocha flavor reduced fat; and vanilla caramel flavors. Call 866-784-5836.

Nestle Waters
The new 20-ounce bottle is made of PET resin to better endure cold temperatures and vending. Brands include: Poland Spring; Deer Park; Ozarka; Ice Mountain; Arrowhead; and Zephyrhills. Call 866-784-5836;

Exclusive brands now include All Sport body quencher in 20- and 24-ounce bottles in the following varieties: regular; fruit punch; lemon ice; mixed berry; tangerine; lemon lime; orange; and blue ice. Midnight Pure' purified water is available in 16.9-, 24- and 20-ounce bottles. Call 800-880-9900;


Better Baked Foods Inc.
Papa Preso French Bread Pizza offers a 5.3-ounce microwaveable pizza, including sausage, pepperoni, green peppers and onions. Each pack heats in less than three minutes. The product has 14 days refrigerated shelf life. Call 814-725-8778.

Bridgford Foods
Fresh-Deli' sandwiches include some new flavors: 5-ounce Jalapeno Cheeseburger; 4.5-ounce All-beef Hot Dog; and 5.25-ounce Jalapeno & Salsa Cheeseburger. Fresh-Deli' sandwiches are also now available in low-carb varieties: turkey & cheese; breakfast sandwich; ham & cheese; and cheeseburger. Call 800-527-2105;

Buddy's Kitchen Inc.
Breakfast Classics carb-friendly mini omelets include 4.4-ounce ham and cheese and 5-ounce sausage and cheese. The omelets microwave in 45 seconds from refrigerated machines and 90 seconds from a frozen machines. Call 952-894-2540;

Don Miguel Mexican Foods Inc.
Pizza Mini Tacos are made with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce folded into bite-size corn masa tortillas. There are seven Mini Tacos in each 5-ounce package. Beef Taquitos come in 5-ounce packs. Call 714-634-8441;

F.B. Purnell Sausage Co.
Three new Purnell "Old Folks" 4-ounce, supersized sandwiches include: Italian sausage in mozzarella cheese on a bun; Chorizo and Pepper Jack cheese on a bun; and Country Sausage on a Jalapeno cheese biscuit. Call 800-626-1512;

La Dona Mexican Foods Inc.
Nachos Jalapenos and Nachos Salsa Roja are ready-to-eat snack combos that come packaged in 2.5-ounce packs. Call 800-566-1365;

Landshire Inc.
Italian beef sandwich in a 7.6-ounce package. Call 618-398-8122;

Nestle Foodservice
Lean Pockets Ultra Supreme Pizza comes in a 4-ounce, individually wrapped package and has 12 grams net carbs,
6 grams fat and only 200 calories. The products offer an excellent source of both protein and fiber. Call 800-350-5016;

Nutriom LLC
d'Eggz' microwaveable egg crystals are dried from liquid egg using a proprietary drying process. They require no refrigeration and have no chemicals or added preservatives. Simply tear open the package and fill it with cold water, close the ziplock, shake it, and cook in a microwave oven for about one minute. Call 360-413-7269;

Orion Foods, Inc.
"expressnoodles" come in 3.55-ounce packs and microwave in three to four minutes. Varieties: Chinese Chow Mein; Indian Yellow Curry; Mexican Chilli & Cilantro; and Thai Green Curry. Call 816-728-2249.

Sara Lee Foodservice
Hillshire Farm offers nine new prewrapped sandwiches: 5.2-ounce Southern Style Chicken Sandwich; 4.8-ounce Philly Steak Sandwich; 6.2-ounce Grilled Cheeseburger; 5.8-ounce BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich; 7.2-ounce Grilled Chili Cheeseburger; 4.8-ounce Split Smoked Sausage Sandwich; 6.4-ounce Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger; 5.3-ounce Mesquite Smoked Jalapeno Sausage Sandwich; and 5.6-ounce Spicy Chipotle Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Call 800-682-7272;

Self Serve Foods Inc.
Michelina Hot Subs' include: Chicken Caesar; Western Omelet; Rueben; Ham and Chesse; and more. Call 800-251-7004.

Stefano Foods Inc.
Chicken Bake entrees are microwaveable entrees in 8-ounce packages. Call 704-399-3935;

Tyson Foods Inc.
Available through Hot Choice Systems for the Hot Choice Diners, Tyson branded entrees include: grilled chicken sandwich; honey barbecue chicken strips; cheeseburger on sourdough bread; and homestyle chicken strips. Call


Baronet Coffee Inc.
Coffee pods to fit every manufacturer's brewer include more than 20 varieties. Branded or private label programs are available. Call 800-227-6638;

Double-Wrap Cup & Container Co. Inc.
The Comfort Grip Wrap' sleeves are made from a delicate but sturdy, translucent, fine-spun, plastic foam. Call 312-382-1537;

El Dorado Coffee Roasters
The single-serve coffee pods are available in a 100-pod case with front panel cutout and in a 100-pod case with four individual unit cases of 25 pods each. Selections include varietals and flavored coffees. Call 800-635-2566;

Flavia Beverage Systems
The Wellbeing line of decaffeinated, natural teas now includes: exotic chai; green tea with jasmine; and lemon calm. The leaf teas now include English breakfast decaf. The dark roast coffees now include Sumatra. Call 800-882-6629;

Gloria Jean's Coffees
Gloria Jean coffees are now available in pods. The Gloria Jean Keurig K-Cups now include Chai Tea. Call 800-354-5282;

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.
One-cup coffee pods are available in the most popular varieties: Breakfast Blend; Colombian; French Roast; and House Blend Decaf. In addition, the K-Cups' for Keurig brewers now include Extra Bold options: Dark Magic' and Sumatran Reserve. Call 800-432-3402;

Java Trading Co.
JavaOne' single-cup pods are engineered to guarantee a smooth and delicious taste in every cup. All pods are made from 100 percent Arabica coffees, roasted in small batches in a patented convection roasting system, and individually wrapped. The pods are available from Vistar/VSA. Call 800-880-9900;

Kraft Vending & OCS
The Maxwell House' Premium Cup' is made with only 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, available in a variety of roasts, whole bean and ground for vending and OCS.

Gevalia' Kaffe freshly brewed 100 percent Arabica coffees include cartridges that fit into the Gevalia' Singles brewer. Each cartridge has its own filter paper and a foil seal that locks in freshness. Gevalia' varieties include: Cappucccino; House Blend; House Blend Decaf; French Vanilla; and Hazelnut. Lipton' varieties include Yellow Label Tea and Early Grey Tea. Kenco' varieties include: Suchard'; Dark Roast; Light Roast; 100 percent Kenyan; Espresso; 100 percent Columbian. Also: Suchard' Hot Chocolate. Call 410-290-7483;

Lavazza Premium Coffees Corp.
The Lavazza Blue espresso capsules are part of an exclusive brewing system, in which the bottom of the capsule is bent so it can be perforated by a tipped filter. The capsules contain fine coffee blends and can make real Italian espresso, a perfect cappuccino or even a jumbo size coffee. Capsules include: Orzo; bevanda Bianca, a powdered skimmed milk whitener with sugar; Knorr consomm' elite; Lipton Montania chamomile; Lipton lemon flavored black tea; Lipton yellow label tea; decaf espresso; and 100 percent Arabica. Call 212-725-8800;

Procter & Gamble Inc.
Folgers' single-cup coffee pods come in several varieties. Call 800-332-7787;

Reunion Island Coffee
Private Reserve single-cup collection includes an assortment of coffees with a blend or origin coffee. The 52nd Street Coffee' is also available in pods. Marketing tools include display racks, a brochure, flyer, direct mail materials, coasters and airpot graphics. Call 905-829-8520;

Revolution Tea
All-natural ready-to-drink bottled white teas; retail tea tins; retail tea boxes; hot tea single serving boxes; and loose leaf teas. Call 480-731-9555;

Southern Heritage Coffee Co.
Copper Moon Premium Coffees include varietal coffees. Product sampling kits include airpots, wraps and product description flip menus. For information, go to:

Sturm Foods
Vending cappuccino and cocoas; powdered beverages; single-serve instant oatmeal. Call 920-596-2511;

Victor Allen's Coffee
Private label gourmet coffee and cappuccino products. Call 800-394-5282;


CoolBrands International Inc.
Eskimo Pie' Giant Sundae Cone features a 4.6-fluid-ounce, artificially flavored vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge topping on a cone. The Batman Bar is a 4-fluid-ounce, red and blue cherry ice with gumball eyes, featuring the Justice League characters, tying in with the new Batman movie in the summer of 2005. Call 631-737-9700;

Nestle Ice Cream
The vending program now includes Skinny Cow' ice cream sandwich, a low-fat vanilla ice cream between two chocolate wafers.


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Coffee, tea and hot beverage

Keurig Dr Pepper

June 10, 2009
At Keurig Green Mountain, we are dedicated to providing the richest aroma and flavor, for the highest quality coffee experience. We travel the globe to purchase the finest coffees...
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Purnell Sausage Co.

April 23, 2008
Sausage sandwiches made from GOOO-OD cuts. Authentic tasting Turkey Sausage sandwiches. Cooked Sausage Patties. Gravy.
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Don Miguel Mexican Foods, Inc.

April 23, 2008
Since 1908, Don Miguel has consistently produced high quality food our customers continue to enjoy.