Ranger Design Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Oct. 8, 2018

We are pleased to announce that 2018 is Ranger Design’s 30th anniversary. For 3 decades, we’ve been a name recognized for integrity, quality, contemporary technology and time-tested values. Commitment to excellence and knowledge of the van outfitting industry have effectively made our company a leader in the industry. 

The foundation of Ranger Design in 1988 stemmed the owners’ personal struggle with disorganized, ineffective work vehicles. Randal Cowie, the inventor, and Derek Cowie, the designer, began working towards the ideal solution, and were soon asked to provide their equipment to other contractors. From their headquarters in a tiny garage, Ranger Design gradually grew into a thriving company, dedicated to improving the efficiency and safety of mobile technicians. 

The innovative designs and quality of our products became more widely known and the business expanded at a rapid pace. More and more products were offered. Not only shelving, but also ladder racks, drawers and bins, bottle holders and a vast quantity of accessories - all renowned for their trademark toughness. 

Now, with over 300 loyal distributors, and a team of staff committed to upholding the standard of excellence, Ranger Design is moving into the future with confidence. From humble beginnings to the world-class corporation of today, we continue to write the story of success while proving to customers that MORE IS POSSIBLE.