Camlock introduces Series 400 detachable micro locking system

Jan. 13, 2022

New from Camlock Systems is an adaptable, micro latch enabling multiple locking configurations. The Series 400 miniature locking system is designed to maintain security while preserving equipment cabinet space, according to Camlock.

The Series 400 consists of two detachable parts: the latch and actuator, providing the freedom to detach and house the actuator in a convenient recess or panel.

The symmetrical design eliminates the need for lefthand or righthand versions. Additionally, there are two latch types from to choose from; the slam latch (Series 400-S) is designed for such applications as push-to-close cabinets; and the rotary latch offers the same tamper-resistant, high-strength dual jaws found in the company's patented Series 100 lock.

To be sure, the Series 400 line features a built-in override and lock monitoring, along with optional door monitoring.

The 400-S and Series 400-R series are available now, along with their compatible accessories. Also, Camlock plans to to improve its S400 with attachable products designed for multi-lock and access controls, and the addition of a bowden cable to increase configuration options. 


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