Camlock Systems Releases Intelligent Rotary Latch For Automatic Retail

July 1, 2020

Camlock Systems has introduced the second generation version of its S100 rotary latch, which is designed for vending, self-service terminals in public and remote areas.

Introducing the Series 100 from Camlock Systems — An intelligent rotary latch with our exclusive high-strength, dual locking mechanism and configurable monitoring features

In our pursuit to develop the smartest locking technology for our markets, we’ve engineered and manufactured a sophisticated, second generation version of our popular S100 rotary latch. In response to customer demand, the new and improved three-wire electronic latch delivers all of the high-security, tamper resistant benefits of the original two-wire version but with additional high-performing lock and door monitoring functions. 

The Series 100 is now packed with innovative features that control and monitor access, and enable customisable door actuation. Thanks to the design of the lock and its PCB, all of which were developed in-house, pull or spring-assisted door opening and alarms are standard features. 

As innovation is at the heart of all our product developments, we went one step further to give our customers ultimate flexibility and control over their locking systems. In addition to the lock upgrade, we have created a simple, magnetically-operated monitoring module. 

By using the optional monitoring module a host of programmable controls can be utilised, including auto-relock and soft, secure door closure for sealed doors.

The Series 100 offers all this in addition to housing our tamper-resistant, motorised rotary latch. By combining function and reliable security, our latest electronic lock epitomises our commitment to creating flexible, high-quality, modular locking solutions. 

By understanding our customers’ needs and keeping pace with their technological advances, we’re able to channel our 100+ years of experience into the development of locking systems that offer the ultimate protection and control of your assets. Developing the Series 100 to offer highly customisable functionality, in addition to housing our motorised, tamper and shock-resistant mechanism is just one of the ways we’ve responded to the technological needs of our customers.

“In light of the increasing demand for convenient, hygienic vending machines offering traditional drinks and snacks to healthier food options and a wider range of goods including PPE and sanitiser,  we’ve seen greater need for contact-free locking through electronic locking solutions that can enable this, as well as reduce the burden of key management and physical servicing. We’ve designed the Series 100-3W to respond to those needs by delivering a high-quality, concealable lock with the security and strength we are known for, as well as the functionality to conveniently control and track and monitor both door and lock activity.”

Designed for vending, self-service terminals in public and remote areas, this patented latch offers a unique solution to concealed, electronic latching. By doubling the number of jaws compared to a typical latch, the two symmetrical jaws built-in corrosion-resistant steel not only reinforce the latch’s strength but also provide more convenient mounting options.

After rigorous in-house testing and independent review, the latch is tamper-resistant and certified to withstand over 7000N of force and 300N of preload - ideal for countering the force placed on a latch by the seal of a vending machine door. Furthermore, with an IP65 rating and peak performance temperatures ranging from -40°C to +65°C, the S100 is perfectly suitable for heated or refrigerated cabinets, and in harsh environments.

In addition to being strong and environmentally robust, our intelligent mechanism delivers the ultimate power-efficiency by maintaining low power and recalibrating only when needed, instead of after every cycle. With 60% less power usage than other rotary latches.

With Camlock Systems solutions you can be sure of an accurate fit every time and the innovative design of the Series 100 is no different, offering a flush, concealed fit for versatile installation. 

Product features:

·         Cycle tested to over 100,000 cycles

·         IP65 rated (dust and water spray resistant)we 

·         Designed to work in hot climates, humidity, and below freezing with operating temperatures; -40°C/F to +65°C/149°F

·         Available as a simple latch or compatible with an existing intelligent system

·         Will integrate with any access control system

·         Glass-reinforced, flame-resistant plastic housing. Stainless steel and brass latching parts for superior strength

·         Tamper and shock-resistant - mechanism will not fail under vibration or percussive shock

·         Fitted with a mechanical override for protection in the event of a power failure. Lock status monitoring for added security

·         Compatible with an additional switch module for door monitoring, security, and control features 

·         Stepped down mains, battery-powered or both. Energy-efficient, low operating current. System recalibrates itself only when required

·         International patent applied for. The Series 100 is only available directly from Camlock Systems. 

If your technology requires smarter locking systems, you need a smarter locking partner. Built on three generations of locking innovation, Camlock Systems have built a reputation for precision and quality through the design and engineering of patented mechanical and electronic locking technology that meets our customers’ unique needs.

Talk to our team of locking experts about all the benefits of the Series 100 lock and for help finding the smartest locking solutions for your intelligent cabinetry applications. 


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