GlobalConnect acquires Theft Detective to maximize self-checkout loss prevention

June 18, 2024
Theft Detective's hardware integrates with existing self-checkout kiosks and leverages advanced AI to detect suspicious activity.

GlobalConnect has acquired Theft Detective, an automated video-monitoring system specifically designed for unattended retail environments.

Theft Detective's hardware integrates with existing self-checkout kiosks, maximizing loss prevention and eliminating the need for a system overhaul. Using automated video monitoring, vending operators and their clients can identify and address theft attempts in less time taken than with traditional security cameras.

"We're excited to welcome Theft Detective to GlobalConnect's portfolio of vending and market technology products," said Jeff Whitacre, CEO of GlobalConnect. "Automated micro market theft deterrence perfectly aligns with our mission to empower vending operators with solutions that enhance efficiency and profitability."

Features of Theft Detective include universal compatibility with existing self-checkout kiosks. The automated monitoring solution uses advanced AI to automatically detect suspicious activity. Real-time alerts enable rapid intervention by operators or on-site security teams. The automated video-monitoring system also helps reduce shrink, minimizing theft attempts and associated losses.