Bartending robot listens, chats and mixes

May 21, 2021

“Hi. I’m Celilia. The first interactive bartender.” is reportedly the first robotic bartender that interacts and chats with visitors, using conversational AI, voice-recognition technology and contactless functionality.

The bartending automaton, sporting a slim futuristic design, was developed by the creative tech minds of Israeli’s GKI Group. Their idea was conceived long before the pandemic prompted demand for contactless solutions in public spaces.

In addition to robotic drink-pouring, boasts chatbot capabilities, enabling her to “converse” with bargoers. Voice-control enables contactless ordering, and her large screen is ideal for running advertising. It accepts most types of payments, too.

Cecilia says she can make 120 drinks per hour and supports conversational script customization to match a location’s requirements. Mix and alcohol ingredients are secured in a tray at the base of the machine and a main storage area in the back; it hold up to 70 liters.

“ is offered for both lifetime purchasing and rental,” said GKI marketing director Nir Cohen Paraira.

“Businesses like airports, hotels and stadiums can buy to save some costs, bring a new source of income or just stand out and draw new customers with an innovative and unforgettable experience,” Paraira added.

It’s a potentially an attention-grabbing offering for operators serving the events and private parties’ market. can be hired on daily or an hourly basis, Paraira noted. 

In addition to entertaining visitors and mixing precision cocktails, the robotic bartender has some useful nonhuman abilities, including the collection of data and analyzing those into actionable insights. And she won’t call in sick.

Cecilia was named after Mary Louise Cecilia “Texas” Guinan, an actress and entrepreneur famous for running speakeasy bars and nightclubs in the Roaring Twenties. A male robot program is reportedly forthcoming 

Go here to hear from Cecilia herself.


[Credit: Chemesis International]
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