Contact-Free DuThermX Kiosk Series Alerts Staff If Building Visitors' Body Temperatures Are Elevated

July 9, 2020

DuThermx, a body temperature measurement system for industrial and commercial applications, allows for continuous flow of visitors and integrates with existing security systems. 

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DuThermX Launches Kiosk Series Body Temperature Measurement System For Small Business

Dubak Electrical Group Adds Small-Scale Option for Contact-Free Body Temperature Measurement System to Screen Individuals Entering Small Business

LA GRANGE, IL (July 6, 2020) – Dubak Electrical Group has launched the DuThermX Kiosk Series, designed as a stand-alone system for small business, as part of its DuThermX contact-free body temperature measurement family of products. DuThermX Kiosk Series is non-contact and allows for a moveable system that can be used at the entry point at of small businesses including salons, veterinarians, doctor and dental offices, and galleries.

The Kiosk features a thermal binocular camera, seven-inch LCD screen, with +- 0.54 °F accuracy set on a stand or countertop. Visitors look into the screen to have their temperature taken. Visual or sound alarms alert staff to elevated temperatures.

Launched in April, DuThermX is the first fully integrated body temperature measurement system for industrial and commercial applications in the United States that allow for continuous flow of visitors, integrates with existing security systems and can facial recognition and data analysis. The DuThermX product line includes the DuThermX Kiosk Series, Venue Series, Walk-Through Cart Series, Mobile Cart Series, Modular Series and Customized Solutions.  These systems use advanced thermal camera technology, calibrators, monitors, and warning lights. While most are high-capacity systems, the Kiosk Series provides a small-scale solution that can be Wi-Fi enabled and offers facial recognition capabilities.

“The Kiosk adds a great solution for smaller offices and businesses that want to easily implement new safety standards,” says Nick Dubak, Chief Operating Officer of Dubak Electrical Group. “When people are going back to a salon for a haircut, or to veterinarian with their pet, they want to know that their health is protected. Small businesses need a solution to screen customers without a lot of fuss or high costs. The DuThermX Kiosk Series helps put everyone at ease.”

The DuThermX Difference

DuThermX is a contact-free and continuous flow system, which alleviates the need for manual screening and any bottle necks created by stopping people that often requires additional personnel at any venue entry point. It can be added to existing surveillance and monitoring systems or installed separately.

Easily, quickly, unobtrusively, DuThermX detects body temperatures within +/- 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit with a response time of 30 milliseconds. When a person passes through an entry point with an elevated temperature, an alarm alerts designated personnel. The multi notification alarm system can include audible, visual, email, SMS text, onscreen and network video capture. Additional DuThermX applications are available for walk-thru entry, airport entrances, outdoor tunnels and large event venues as well as offering other mobile solutions.

About Dubak Electrical Group

Dubak Electrical Group is a leader in industrial electrical construction and maintenance with more than three decades of experience. As family-owned-and-operated business, Dubak has an established record of success and safety in the design, installation and maintenance of industrial electrical, HVACR, control, and automation. The company opened a new corporate headquarters, training and technology facility in La Grange in 2016, in Chicago’s western suburbs. Additional regional offices are located in Florida, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin. We are currently building a second innovation center opening in La Grange in 2021.

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