One Step Vending Corp. Announces Agreements For Placement Of Automated CBD Vending Machines To Dispense CBD Products In Convenience Stores

Dec. 11, 2018

One Step Vending Corp. (OTC PINK: KOSK), announced today that the Company has signed agreements for the placement of automated dispensaries of CBD products in multiple convenience stores located throughout strategic areas of New York, such as Queens and Brooklyn. The CBD vending machines to be installed at the different locations are KOSK’s branded “CBD Kiosks.”

The Company has proactively done everything necessary to meet federal and state requirements to have the CBD Kiosks placed within the partner convenience stores and is predicting to have the machines up and running by the end of the year. The vending machines will boldly bear the Company’s “CBD Kiosks” logo and will provide CBD infused products such as candies, capsules, shots, and other CBD-related products.

KOSK President David Garfinkel commented: “Our vision in 2019 is for a national rollout of our branded CBD Kiosks. We’re initiating KOSK’s pre-rollout phase in the greater New York City region because of the potential to influence other major metropolitan regions around the USA. With the federal Hemp Farm Bill that legalizes CBD unanimously passing on Monday we firmly believe that we are positioned for explosive national growth and expansion.”

Investors can look forward to photos and videos of the CBD Kiosks as they are installed and operational in the different locations.

President Garfinkel concluded: “Although we have been quiet for several months, we have been busy and making significant progress. Today’s announcement is the first of many more to come and I welcome investors to reach out to the Company and/or the new Corporate IR team.”

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