The Venders Unveils "OLLIE" The World's First Slim Footprint Vending Machine with the Patented T3 Conveyor System

Nov. 13, 2018

The Venders (, the leading U.S based developer of advanced kiosks and automated retailing systems with the smallest footprints in the industry, unveiled its newest innovation - nicknamed "OLLIE." The advanced system features new technologies and world's-first features, including a patent-pending conveyor system that allows the machine to vend a wide variety of products from a remarkably small footprint.

In contrast to the trend of building bigger and bulkier machines that are costly to own and operate, The Venders took a different approach and designed OLLIE to allow it to be installed in locations that were previously unsuitable for vending.

With its unique T3 Conveyor System, OLLIE can dispense a wide variety of products from a surprisingly small machine. This makes OLLIE uniquely able to service previously untapped markets such as offices, medical facilities, hotels, and convenience stores.

The OLLIE also is perfect for malls, airports and other leased locations, as the small footprint keeps space rentals very low.

Each OLLIE vending machine comes with a 24″ touchscreen that allows owners to control content, providing the opportunity to run promotions, product commercials, or even create a revenue stream from advertising.

The system also features a patented drop sensor that provides product delivery verification, and a versatile back-end management system that offers industry-leading capabilities.

"The OLLIE system is one of the most innovative platforms to come out of the vending and automated retailing industry in the past 50-years," said Bob Bienias, Vice-President of The Venders. "OLLIE is the perfect solution to promote a brand and sell products in thousands of locations, with a uniquely low profile, yet high capacity. It is the machine that will revolutionize the vending industry."

For more information, contact The Venders at (800) 469-0970, or visit:

About The Venders

The Venders is one of the only developers of technologically advanced automated retailing systems, vending machines and kiosks, with design and manufacturing based entirely in the United States.

The company has created a unique lineup of patented, small footprint self-service systems that increase consumer engagement, lower space requirements, build brands, and improve sales.


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