Albuquerque Airport To Pilot A Secure Unattended Retail Solution

Feb. 13, 2018


Albuquerque Airport to Pilot a Secure Unattended Retail Solution 

“No more vending machines in ABQ,” says Lenny Fresquez, CEO of Fresquez Companies, which operates nine restaurants in the Albuquerque International airport. 

“Travelers who visit our ABQ airport will now find a secure 24x7 unattended retail solution to buy anything they need. No self scanning, just swipe your credit card to unlock the door of the fridge, take whatever you need and close the door. You will automatically be charged for just for what you took.” 

Aaron Flure, the purchasing manager at the Fresquez Companies who is responsible for implementing the new solution at the airport, states that “We chose ShelfX technology which keeps products secure against tempering and theft, and allows quick, no lines purchasing of a wide range of products from fresh sandwiches and salads to earphones and chargers.” 

Ran Margalit, CEO of ShelfX explains, “Our technology uses weight sensing shelves to know what consumers remove from the fridge. We partnered with True to build a high-quality fridge and with USA Technologies to handle the payments. The fridges meet US health and safety regulations in order and ensure that consumers cannot purchase perished food.” 

ShelfX is a 6-year-old company with about 1,000 systems deployed in 18 countries. ShelfX fridges are also deployed at hospitals, universities, train stations and work places serviced by Sodexo, a large food services and facilities management company.