Leadrop Announces Online Lead-Gen Service For Vending Machines

Oct. 18, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.--Oct. 16, 2017–Leadrop, an industry trailblazer in business-to-business marketing solutions, has rolled out vending machines as a new featured industry in its lead-generation marketplace.

The new service will help vending machine operators locate new vending locations and reduce marketing costs associated with finding those business opportunities.

Leadrop has revolutionized pay-per-click (PPC) paid advertising into a platform where vending machine business owners pay for a lead only after they know the lead specifics. For example, a user is capable of seeing: location, traffic/employee numbers, desired products, zip code and if the lead contains a phone number, email or name. Leadrop eliminates the frustration of advertising and paying for mismatched, low quality leads.

"We are thrilled to open our services to vending machines and become a hub for vending locations in the community," said Joyce de Armendi, Leadrop's CEO. By allowing some businesses to sell their unused leads, and others to buy them, Leadrop takes established industry ecosystems and generates an influx of more business, in turn, expanding markets.

Sunvending CEO Victor Silver (Santa Ana, Calif.) said, “of all leads that Google AdWords generates, I do nothing with 85 percent of them because they are either below my minimum 100 employee requirement or at a location too far away for my drivers. They are good, quality leads inquiring about vending machines for their location (with names, phone numbers, emails, etc.). Leadrop allows me to sell these leads to other vending businesses that are more suited to service these locations that are of no use to me."

Leadrop’s algorithms match detailed lead information only to those businesses that have specified they can service leads with the provided criteria. Leadrop never alerts about a lead that does not fit a business model. With Leadrop, the business owner has control over which alerts deserve their attention.

Starting in mid-November, Leadrop also plans to have business directory searches connecting clients directly to vending machine operators. Businesses can start registering in the Leadrop directory now to take advantage of the current business-to-business lead-dropping functionality while awaiting the new business directory search.

Presently, all new users in the vending machine industry will receive a $5 credit toward their first lead plus other bonuses when they sign up with Leadrop. Leadrop is a free service with no sign-up costs, no hidden fees, and no monthly charges. With Leadrop's Lead Quality Guarantee, signing up is risk-free.

About Leadrop

Leadrop’s lead generation and business-to-business lead recycling platform is guided by three principles – end-user focus instead of competitor focus, a drive for disruptive innovation and elegant simplicity. Our goal is to offer transparent, effective marketing for clients and businesses. In order to create a better, more efficient way to connect clients and businesses, it is imperative to go beyond current advertising techniques, and Leadrop is here to put its users more in control of their time and marketing efforts. The business owner can view if a lead is quality lead and matches their business before making the purchase. Likewise, a client can go to one spot and connect to multiple quality businesses ready to assist without making phone calls or sending multiple emails. Smart people. Smart businesses. Leadrop.

For more information, please visit www.leadrop.com.