One Step Vending, Corp. Announces New Vending Machine Design To Be In Line Production For Alternative Products

Aug. 21, 2017

HARRISON, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 17, 2017) - One Step Vending, Corp. (OTC PINK: KOSK), a holdings company specializing in market disruptive acquisitions with an emphasis on the self-serve vending market, recently finished the design of a new vending machine for the automation of sales of alternative products such as over the counter health products, electronics and accessories.

The new vending machine is innovative in many ways in order to accommodate alternative products' automatic sales. It carries a 21" touch screen display with the product's information, videos, and accepts all forms of payments through Apple/Android phones, debit/credit card payments and cash payments. The operating software has web based management tools like real time cellular sales information and products refill time.

The Company is ready for the new vending machine line production and has already submitted offers and sales proposals to all the interested parties, anticipating new contracts to be signed soon.

"We are very excited to create a new vending machine to accommodate the growing market needs for new and innovative self check-out products," said CEO Daniel Garfinkel.

"Our team is focusing on the market needs and is always going one step further to introduce new solutions to automatic self check-out industry that make the difference. We are currently in discussions with vending businesses, schools, offices and organizations to see if they can replace their old vending machines with our new self check-out solutions," said Mark Miller, Micro Markets Specialist.

About One Step Vending Corporation

One Step Vending Corp. is a holding company focused on the acquisition of market-changing and disruptive business models. The Company supports subsidiaries with key financial, sales, marketing, and operational changes designed to accelerate growth and shareholder value. The Company has prioritized the development of Micro-Markets which are displacing vending machines with a small convenience store in thousands of offices across the Country, this transition will change the $7 billion vending industry by igniting growth in revenues and delivering fresher high-value products to meet new consumer demand.

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About Corporate Refreshment Services-Micro Markets, Inc.
CRS-Micro Markets, Inc., a provider of a wide range of food and beverage solutions, focuses on the use of self-checkout Micro Market technology.

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