The American Green Machine (V.3) Coming To Market

Sept. 28, 2016

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - American Green, Inc. is excited to announce today that the new model of the American Green Machine is now available for purchase. After nearly a year of vendor feedback and market analysis, it became clear that the changes made were necessary to insure the successful rollout of the company's new-wave vending product. One of the major improvements in the new machine version is that every unit will be able to sell ANY product -- from the most regulated to virtually any specialty item. This makes Version 3 of the American Green Machine "product-agnostic." The company has also been able to work with the top level biometric companies in the world to ensure that any purchase fulfilled through the system would be accepted by the world's top banks and governments.

According to David Gwyther, the company's chairman and acting president, "The old adage that front-line soldiers suffer the most casualties has proven true in American Green's case. We are definitely on the frontier of legal cannabis in America. We always knew that. What's important is that the company stays focused and evolves toward the success I know we can be in this industry. That vision of success is becoming clearer and clearer -- not just in how we improved on the first models, but how to transform the company's vending concept into a win. Another major change we can report to our shareholders is that we sell, and service what we sell, instead of leasing and carrying the units internally (which forced us to incur the full burden of each unit). Our partners have provided us with the platform to provide the public with exactly what they want to buy. Additionally, we continue to be protected and enabled by the Tomassi patents. It is an ideal situation," concludes Gwyther.

Anybody wishing to learn more about the American Green Machine is encouraged to contact the company. The company welcomes any input or positive information that could improve users of the American Green Machine platform.