Pharmabox Introduces "GS1" Automated Retail Store For Hotels

July 14, 2015

MIAMI, July 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Pharmabox, Inc., the developer of the world's first fully automated retail store with the top selling brands in the nation, introduced their new "GS1" self-service system, designed especially for hotels. "GS1" stands for "Guest Satisfaction Won."

According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, there are over 52,000 hotels in America, the majority of which do not have a gift shop or area for guests to purchase last minute necessities, OTC medicines, beauty or personal products.

"The number one goal for almost every hotel is to provide their guests with the highest level of satisfaction," said Alejandro Rodriguez, Founder and CEO Pharmabox. "Unfortunately for many properties, it is not possible to carve out space for a retail store and then hire employees to manage and run the operation," he added. "The Pharmabox GS1 solves that problem and helps hotels in many other tangible ways."

The Pharmabox GS1 is automated, so no employees are needed. It has a small footprint, and is configurable in different sizes, so it fits almost anywhere. It can remain open 24-hours a day, and provides hotel guests with items that they need and want.

The Pharmabox GS1 carries over 140 top name brand merchandise that is typically carried in a Target or Walgreens store, including batteries, cold and allergy medicines, stomach and digestive products, men's and women's personal health items, pediatric medicines, beverages, suntan lotions, and much more. It's truly like having a major retail store in a small, automated kiosk.

Providing products that keep guests happy and onsite is vital to a hotel's success. In the landmark book, "Satisfaction" by Chris Denove and James D. Power IV of J.D. Power & Associates, the authors maintain that the more times a guest leaves a property, the less likely they are to use other hotel services, such as rent an in-room movie, dine at the hotel restaurant, or use the mini-bar.

Accordingly, having a Pharmabox GS1 on site will improve guest satisfaction, and will likely improve other revenue streams as well.